Razer OSVR Open Source Virtual Reality - HDK v.2.0

Razer OSVR Open Source Virtual Reality - HDK v.2.0

  • 品牌: Razer
  • 型號: Razer OSVR Open Source Virtual Reality - HDK v.2.0

Faceplate Module


Default for v1.4
IR Faceplate providing positional information with 360 degree tracking for responsive, multi directional input.

Comes with an IR Camera operating at 100hz.

Other variations include:
OSVR Faceplate with Leap Motion offering embedded Leap Motion technology to support natural interaction using physical hands.




Sensor hub with integrated accelerometer, gyroscope and compass
External USB 3.0 connection for additional accessories
Additional 2 x USB 3.0 connectors for internal expansion
Re-programmable for additional functionality.


Display Module


* new Dual Display 2160x1200 low persistence OLED silver screen with 441 PPI running at 90 fps.
IQE (Image Quality Enhancement) technology for reduced screendoor effect.


Optics Module


High performance dual lens system for ultra-sharp images
Enlarged eye-box for fuss-free setup, right out-of-box
Low geometric distortion and colour corrected image for faster rendering
Individual eye focus for personalized use without glasses.
*diopters cover +4.5 to -2 adjustments to cater to majority of users.


HMD Mechanical Module


Removable face mask with a bamboo charcoal microfibre foam layer, additional foam padding for cheekbones and nose bridge featuring rubber nose inserts for additional comfort.


Belt Box Module


Additional USB 3.0 connectivity
Surround Sound Audio codec integrated
Easier cable management and ergonomics
Signal boosters